What to Know About Visiting NYC

November 9, 2023

Have you been thinking bout visiting New York City? You’re not alone! Millions of people travel to The Big Apple to experience the bustling skyscraper skyline every year. From the incredible Italian restaurants to the active nightlife, there are countless reasons why New York City has become a yearly vacation spot for so many tourists. However, there are some helpful tips and tricks that you should keep in mind if you plan on travelling to NYC in the near future. In this video, we’ll hear some key information on how to perfectly plan your visit.

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First of all, unless you’re a seasoned traffic expert, you don’t want to drive your family van down to NYC. Confusing traffic patterns and constant pedestrian traffic make the streets rather nerve-wracking for people outside of the city. Look to rent taxis, bike, or Uber your way across the city, or even map out a walking route! Additionally, plan ahead and look up reviews for attractions you want to see, such as the Empire State Building. These locations may be insanely crowded, so it’s great to have a backup plan. To hear more helpful information, keep watching this excellent YouTube video!


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