The Top 100 Airport Travel Tips for 2023

August 23, 2023

Although airline travel is the quickest way to travel cross-country, it comes with its share of frustrations. In her YouTube video, “100 Airplane and Airport Tips and Tricks for 2023,” Nadine (of the “Hey, Nadine” channel) narrates an entertaining video with 100 ways to make air travel more accessible.

Dress for Comfort

Airport and airplane temperatures can be unpredictable. Therefore, travelers should choose an outfit with a few layers.

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They can remove or replace a hoodie to allow them to adjust to different temperatures.

Being forced to wait when a plane has been delayed can be very frustrating. Nadine reveals early morning flights are statistically less likely to be delayed. She also reveals that some airlines will pay passengers a fee for having been on a delayed flight.

Enjoy the Flight

If you have a cold or allergy, take a decongestant before you board your flight. This will lessen the impact of air pressure changes – which could make your symptoms feel worse. Pack a few snacks in your carry-on to enjoy during the flight.

When you get to the baggage claim, you’ll want to identify your bag quickly. In addition to your luggage tag, put a few bright stickers or a ribbon on the outside of your bag. Check out this video for all 100 of Nadine’s helpful hints!.

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