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Visiting Hawaii in a Helicopter

December 24, 2018

Americans are always interested in taking vacations to see the local sights and sounds, and it has been found that one popular way to view a vacation spot such as Hawaii and its islands like Oahu is from in the air. Places such as Hawaii that have natural beauty and a strong tourist trade my offer a sightseeing adventure from on board a helicopter, and finding the best helicopter tours on Oahu is an excellent way to view the island and everything it has to offer. Hawaii helicopter tours may prove popular and in-demand in certain times of the year, so someone planning to find the best helicopter tours in Oahu may want to visit the proper websites and book a flight early in advance, so that they can take their turn taking helicopter tours over the Hawaii islands. Just how popular is Hawaii, and what should a visitor know before visiting this state and seeing it from a helicopter’s vantage point?

Visiting Hawaii

Plenty of Americans want to go on vacations, and Hawaii stands as a popular place to visit. In fact a recent AAA study showed that around 35% of Americans have plans to take a vacation 50 or more miles away from home, and Hawaii is certainly more than 50 miles away from where most Americans live. In fact, as of 2017, experts found a 12.5% increase in the amount Americans spend on summer vacations as compared to just the previous year, and some of this spending is bound to be for Hawaii and its islands. Just how popular is Hawaii? As of 2017, for a recent example, this state was visited by 9.3 million visitors, which represents a 4.6% increase from 2016’s tourist numbers. On any given day in 2016, about 220,000 visitors were present in the state, and that figure may be slightly higher now. Similarly, using helicopters for sightseeing and tourism is also popular, and may see growth in the coming years. The United States has the biggest fleet of commercial helicopters of any nation, with a total of 12,773 as of 2017, meaning that plenty of helicopters are available for serving in the best helicopter tours in Oahu.

Take the Tour

A person or a small group preparing for a helicopter tour on Oahu or other islands of Hawaii will want to inspect the helicopter itself for any signs of wear and tear or damage, and they may politely ask for the credentials of the pilot who fly it, just so that they can set their minds at ease that a qualified professional is flying a safe and powerful helicopter. The guests will then board the vehicle and put on headsets, partly to block the noise of the helicopter in flight and to make it easier for everyone on board to communicate while in the air. Passengers should feel secure while on board the helicopter, since the doors and windows will be closed and there will be no risk of people or items falling out of it during flight. The best helicopter tours in Oahu will also involve a tour guide explaining the identity and details of natural features and settlements that are found during the tour, as well as historical facts to make the trip more interesting. The tour guide may also answer questions the guests may have.

Helicopter pilots will be responsible for safety while they have guests on board. A pilot will fly if weather permits it, but if storms are gathering or there are strong winds or lightning, the helicopter may stay grounded for safety reasons, and the guests should consult the owner and service provider about rescheduling the flight or getting refunds.

Someone wanting to book a helicopter tour can search “best helicopter tours in Oahu” online and look for available flights, and the customer can also enter the date of their trip so that they can find a flight that is available during the rest of their vacation. Someone visiting Hawaii during peak season for tourism may have a lot of competition for helicopter tour bookings, though, and is advised to take this into account. If so desired, a tourist can even plan a visit during the off season, when prices are lower and there may be less competition for helicopter rides.

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