3 Tips to Have More Family Adventures This Winter

January 7, 2019

As winter falls and the year draws to a close, many families bring the kids inside and put away the camping gear for the year. Colder temperatures and shorter days push many into hibernation mode.

While cozy blankets and a mug of cocoa are great ways to enjoy the winter, you don’t have to spend the whole season indoors! With a little preparation, your outdoor-loving family can get back outside to enjoy nature in the winter.

Want to get outside this winter, but not sure where to start? Check out the following three tips to have more frosty outdoor adventures with the whole family:

Explore with Hiking, Snowshoeing, or Cross-Country Skiing

Hiking is the most popular activity among campers, with 92% of campers also enjoying a hike. Though summertime campers certainly enjoy hitting the trails, you and your family can go the distance during the winter, too. Try planning a short day hike on well-maintained hiking trails. If the trails are snow-covered, don’t go back home! Try visiting a local gear rental store to turn your hiking trip into a snowshoeing or cross-country skiing adventure. Many kids take to skiis or snowshoes naturally. Be sure to bundle up, and bring plenty of water and snacks for your hike.

Try Winter Camping

You don’t have to shorten your family camping trip just because of chilly weather– many families spend several winter days and nights in the woods, too! Do research to better understand proper winter camping techniques. You can purchase winter-rated tents and sleeping bags, or learn how to construct a snow shelter. Be sure to bring fire-building tools to warm up near a cozy winter campfire. With a little extra preparation, you can set up camp any time of year, in any weather.

Look Up Summersville West Virginia Hotels and Lodging

If you’re not keen on cold nights in the woods, but still want to explore a new neck of the woods this winter, consider staying at Summersville West Virginia hotels. You can spend your days ice fishing, building snow forts, or bird watching with the family, and then come back to a warm and dry hotel room. Checking into Summersville West Virginia hotels is especially helpful for families with very young children who need to stay extra warm.

Don’t let cabin fever trap your family until the spring. Get outside this winter, and enjoy all the year-round adventures the forest has to offer. For more information about family-fun things to do in Summersville WV this winter, contact us today!

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