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In Flight Entertainment A Necessity For Airlines and Airline Passengers

January 7, 2019

Many Americans travel from state to state or around the world for a number of reasons. The most common, safest form of transportation is flying. More than 8 million people become passengers, as they fly on airplanes. Whether the flight is a few hours, to 24 hours, passengers need something to do while in flight. For the bored airline passenger, inflight entertainment comes in handy. It’s convenient, provides comfort, and speaks to technology advancements around the world. In-flight entertainment, and inflight entertainment systems, are essential for commercial airlines, as well as the airline passenger. What do airlines need for in-flight entertainment? And why should you purchase products? Why is in flight entertainment important? Here’s all you need to know!

While flying, electronics become a part of the passenger. In fact, 37% of airline passengers carry-on iPad’s or tablets, 56% of airline passengers use their cellular devices to communicate and update people while flying, 25% of passengers consider wifi an asset on airplanes, and 41% of airline passengers watch popular movies during their flights. So, it’s evident that products and devices for electronics and entertainment are necessary. The first important device airlines should have are monitors on the backseats of airplane seats and overhead. Inflight entertainment companies created these monitors. These monitors allow airline passengers to watch movies, television shows, and in flight video. They provide entertainment for the airline passenger and cure boredom (especially for teenaged Americans and younger children). Therefore, technologically advanced monitors for the backseats and overheads, are a necessity for purchase and for airlines.

Additional important and necessary products airlines should have are inseat usb systems. These inseat usb systems include a charging station of sorts for the airline passenger. Many airline passengers use their cellular devices while flying. Therefore, eventually, they will need to charge these devices. Airlines provide these charging stations for passengers. These inseat usb systems are, exactly as the name suggests, in the seats! There are two formats that in flight entertainment companies created. There is a solo usb in seat charger, and a quatro format ( contains four outlets). Whichever outlet airline passengers choose, they are sure to be pleased- because they’ll have a fully charged cellular device for their entire flight! Similar to the monitors or displays on airlines, these usb in seat chargers are an advancement in technology. The seat chargers will turn off if it senses that there is no cellular or electronic device plugged into the port. These inseat usb systems are surely a necessity for purchase and for airlines.

In flight entertainment helps the airline because a happy passenger equals an increase in revenue. Passengers prefer airlines that cater to their electronic devices. When passengers can keep their cellular devices charged, log onto social media, watch videos on their phones etc., they will continue to utilize the airline for all their travels! Therefore, if airlines want to increase their revenue, purchasing products such as monitors and inseat usb systems is the way to go.

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