What is a Trailer Brake Controller?

June 4, 2021

If you enjoy fun recreational activities such as horseback riding, water skiing, and four-wheeling, then transporting these different items will involve a trailer. It will be beneficial to understand how brake controls work on the trailer and how they work with your vehicle.

All boat trailers will have a hydraulic braking system and won’t need a trailer brake controller. Not all trailers will have hydraulic systems because boat trailers are designed to go in the water for loading and unloading.

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Electric brake controllers are easy to use. Flatbed brake controllers will be screwed on the kick panel of your truck. In emergencies when your truck brakes aren’t enough, that’s when you’ll want to activate the brake controller.

How does the trailer brake controller work?

An electrical current flows from the controller in your truck down to where the trailer connects then continues to the wheels of the trailer.

The controllers will have different settings for different weights. It’s a good idea to test the settings in case you ever need them in an emergency. If you have a heavier item in the trailer, then you’ll want to adjust the settings accordingly. Brake controls are great because of how flexible the settings are for the different items you may transport.

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