RV Air Conditioning Maintenance

May 25, 2021

ln this YouTube video, Love Your RV gives an example of RV air conditioning maintenance. Each RV air conditioning system is different and will require potentially other steps. Most air conditioner units have similar maintenance needs.

Disconnect the power supply to the air conditioning unit. Once safely on the roof of the RV, remove the cover of the air conditioning unit.

Video Source

Give a visual overview of the exposed air conditioner unit. Remove debris such as leaves, branches, cobwebs, nesting materials from small animals, layers of dirt, rocks, and mold.

No-rinse specially made coil and air conditioner unit cleaners may assist in cleaning these items. Don’t allow any parts or cleaning materials to leak down into the RV. Place a bucket or tub inside the RV directly below the air conditioning unit to catch any residual dirt, gunk, or water that may have escaped during the cleaning process.

Finally, apply small amounts of lubricant to rod joining points according to the user manual for the make and model. Suppose a person does not feel they can safely perform these checks themselves. In that case, they should not hesitate to contact an RV maintenance professional who can provide professional RV air conditioner services.

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