How Do You Use NYCs Bike-Share System?

May 15, 2023

Every traveller knows that NYC can be one of the most hectic places to drive in the entire world. After so many years of constant bumper-to-bumper traffic, the city had partnered with large companies to produce bike share systems and scooter rentals to help NYC become more of a traversable city. There is also the subway and many other travel alternatives, but biking helps people stay active and is generally much better for our environment. In this informative video, we’ll cover some key tips on how you can utilize the NYC bike share. Let’s get started!

In this video example, the inexperienced rider maps out her course ahead of time, just so she knows where she is going. She finds a local bike share stop on the internet.

Video Source

With an annual membership to the bike share program, you are provided a special key fob to unlock a bike. Then, you ride on your way! While taking off and making wide turns can be nerve-wracking when you are just starting out, you’ll get used to the weight of the bike very quickly. Once you’re done, return the bike to another bike share station.


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