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Different Ways to Explore the Tropical Wonders of Hawaii

May 6, 2019

Americans love to travel, and many surveys and statistics show that this is a big industry within the United States today. Domestic travel, in particular, is a robust field that supports many American jobs for airplane pilots or staff, hotel staff, travel agents, and more. Most often, Americans like to travel more than 50 miles away from where they live, and explore somewhere exotic and new to take a much-needed break from the pressure and routine of everyday life. Where are Americans going? They may visit the beaches of Florida or California, or even the rugged wilderness of Alaska for dog sledding, ice fishing, or hiking. Meanwhile, the classic image of vacation is going to a tropical beach, and where domestic American travel is concerned, Hawaii is just the thing. There is more than one way to explore this remote island state, from boat rentals to snorkeling tours to helicopter rentals. No matter what a tourist chooses, though, they are bound to enjoy their Hawaii tour. What might they expect there?

Visiting Hawaii

It may not be surprising to hear that Hawaii receives many domestic tourists every year, and some parts of Hawaii may rely heavily on tourism for their economy. On any given day in 2016, for example, Hawaii had some 200,000 unique guests on it, and Hawaii’s total guest count grew from 2016 to 2017 and may very well grow in the future, too. This matches an overall trend of domestic tourism in the United States growing, and it grew 1.9% in 2017. Domestic tourism to Hawaii and elsewhere represents 85% of American travel expenditures, and this often includes the Hawaiian islands. This state is often reached by plane, but once there, Americans may explore the state’s natural beauty with boat rentals, snorkeling, helicopter tours, and more. There’s a lot to see, and more than one way to see it.

Snorkeling may be a fine example. Not everyone likes to get into the water, but those who do may appreciate Hawaii’s shallow water ecosystems up close and personal. A snorkeler, or someone in a scuba suit, may see coral reefs, fish, and more in person, and this may be great fun for any tourist. These waters tend to be warm and sunlit during many times of the year, making snorkel tours comfortable and easy. Of course, swimmers should also pay attention to any warnings or updates about impending storms or hazardous wildlife found in the area, such as jellyfish.

In other cases, guests at the Hawaiian islands may take on boat rentals so that they can see marine wildlife and the shores on the dry deck of a boat. Some natural wonders may be difficult to find or see with snorkeling, but boat rentals may be done so that a small group may explore the nearby coasts with ease. A tour guide may be on board to explain to tourists local sights and history, to make the trip even more interesting for all involved.

Finally, someone may bypass the water entirely and explore Hawaii by air instead. This may be done with helicopter tours of the islands such as Oahu, and best of all, seeing Hawaii from high above is a fine way to take in the whole panorama of a Hawaiian island. To begin, the tourist may look online to find helicopter tour services in Hawaii and find an available one that coincides with their vacation’s time frame. In fact, if so desired, a tourist may actually plan their visit around a helicopter tour instead. Either way, a tourist may want to find and book a helicopter tour weeks or even months in advance, especially if they are going to visit during Hawaii’s busy season. In other cases, the tourist may avoid the crowds and visit during the off season instead.

Once the flight is booked, the tourist and their group may visit the hangar in person at the right time and board a helicopter together. The doors and windows will be kept closed to prevent accidents, and everyone will wear a headset so that they can hear each other and the tour guide over the helicopter’s noises. Helicopters may fly for tours in all but the worst weather.

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